Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Independence Day

I read Manoj Kumar's interview. On the eve of the very first Independence day he lost many of his relatives on which his father was weeping badly. And few hrs later early in the morning he rose up and headed towards the Lal Qila where PM Nehru was set for his speech. He was amazed to see his father screaming Jai Hind. Can we expect a kind of patriotism now a days? And are we the onlt one responsible for this coldness? Not really. When we were fighting for our freedom we had great aspirations for our country. We wanted to have freedom to make our decisions. When we actually got the opportunity we expected our politicians to do that for the nation. But everything went wrong. Dreams were shattered and hopes were lost. This brought the coldness in us I suppose. But when we feel that something can be done by us we suddenly get charged. We just need to increase the moments of pride to have a permanence in this feeling.

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